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Taught through the Dallas Writer's Workshop, Getting Your YA Novel Off The Ground is a crash course in planning your story.


All great novels start with an idea, but many potentially great novels never make it from idea to manuscript. GETTING YOUR STORY OFF THE GROUND is an introduction to YA Noveling class which starts from the ground up, giving you strategies for turning your idea into a solid foundation for your drafting experience.

Facilitated by Constantine Singer, whose debut Young Adult Science Fiction Novel, Strange Days was released by Putnam/Penguin Teen in 2018, the first six weeks of this course will help you expand your idea into a solid story foundation and framework through a study of story structure, character and conflict development, sub-plots, and exploring theme. The final two weeks will be focused on helping you create a fantastic opening chapter and on strategies for getting through the hard spots to come.

While designed specifically for first-time YA novelists, the materials and strategies taught in this course will be useful for anyone writing in any genre or for any age group who’s looking for a way to start a story off right.

Course Syllabus is available for viewing here.

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